A Traditional Marketing Method that Works

traditional marketing

Every business owner could come up with a list of great highfaluting ways to market their small business. As advertising has become big business, so have the price tags for utilizing many marketing methods.

As a result, many small businesses have returned to more traditional marketing strategies that have always proven to be effective. Article marketing is leading the charge back to basics.

Article marketing has long been used as a way for businesses to gain free exposure. It began with articles in newspapers and magazines. Business owners would write an article about the subject for which they had the most expertise, their own business, and then submit it to various print publishers.

When relevant, the publishers would include the articles in their publications. This served a dual-purpose. While the publisher received free content to include in the publication, the business owner gained free publicity for her business.

Article marketing took ten steps forward when the Internet began to boom. Suddenly thousands of new sources needed content. Business owners went to work and began churning out articles to fill this need while simultaneously marketing their companies.

The article marketing business has snowballed since then. With new publishers popping up daily, there is a constant need for content. The publishers’ insatiable hunger for information means there is a never-ending need for articles.

Not only does each individual article introduce new customers to the business owner’s website, it also helps boost that web site’s search engine rankings. Every time a link to a business site appears on another credible site, the higher the site climbs in the rankings.

High search engine rankings mean greater exposure to the millions of World Wide Web surfers. The higher up your website appears in a search, the more likely it will be visited by those surfers. And everyone knows, the greater the traffic, the better the sales.

Article marketing is a traditional form of marketing with a modern, technological twist. It has always worked in print, and it has proven to work even more effectively online. Even with the increasing interest from business owners, it seems there will never be a lack of demand for solid, informative articles.

Forget the glitzy marketing techniques employed by the multi-billion dollar businesses who have money to waste. Go back to basics and never waste another dime. Combine the power of your words with the ease and simplicity of an automated article distribution system, and help your customers find you.